Our trademark prosecution and counseling practitioners assist clients in managing their global trademark portfolios, regularly handling US and international trademark clearance, registration, and counseling projects across an array of industries, including photography, consumer electronics, tools, lawn and garden, foods, agriculture, fashion, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and skincare, retail, and hospitality. We coordinate trademark work in virtually every jurisdiction in the world, utilizing a carefully vetted network of experienced and tested trademark counsel with whom we partner around the world.

Our seasoned trademark attorneys, who have experience both as USPTO examiners and with large and small private practice firms, offer a unique depth of knowledge of USPTO procedure and real-world practical advice. The size and complexity of the portfolios we manage varies from several to well over 100 marks.  Our goal is to help clients avoid potentially costly conflicts or enforcement issues that might arise with a selected mark.

We counsel clients during mark development, clearance for use and registration, prosecution of applications for registration, and in preparing and negotiating trademark licenses, resolving disputes, and enforcing and defending trademark rights.   We pride ourselves in providing our clients the quality they deserve and service they have the right to expect, all at a reasonable fee.